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Electric Vehicles: Smart, Convenient and Eco-Friendly


Electric vehicles can save owners money. They are cheaper to maintain and cheaper to operate. Calculate your personal savings potential today:


A simple calulator that lets you compare fuel savings of many EV models compared to the current price per gallon of gasoline.


The US Department of Energy calculator shows savings in an easy-to-grasp comparison display and is frequently updated by DOE.

BeFrugal online calculator

Compare the financial costs of buying an EV versus buying a hybrid or standard gas powered car. It also shows the environmental benefits (measured in CO2 emissions and the equivalent number of trees!) of switching to an EV.

Find the most current federal and state incentives for electric vehicles at the US Dept. of Energy.


Charge overnight in the comfort of your own home and avoid gas stations completely, while taking advantage of our time-of-use rates to capture even deeper savings. You can start by comparing personal charging stations to find one that works for you. Or, before taking a longer trip, you can find charging stations along your route by downloading an EV charging station app to your phone.


On average, an electric car produces half as much carbon pollution as a conventional car.