Monthly Bill Inserts

November 2018 Who's There, Unoccupied property

October 2018 Public Power Month

September 2018  Public Power Info, Water System Maintenance, Energy Services

August 2018  AC Tune Up Incentive ending soon

July 2018 Appliance Marketplace, Energy Resource Center and general information

June 2018 Grants Available, Summer energy costs

May 2018 Incentives, Diggers Hotline, Reminders

April 2018  Recycling Day, Moratorium Ends, Scholarship

March 2018  Moratorioum, Scholarship, Cross Connections, Recycling Day

February 2018 Scholarship, Water Conservation Tips

January 2018 Rate Stuffer

December 2017 Winter Storm, e-Care

November 2017 Unoccupied Property

October 2017 Public Power Month

September 2017 Focus Programs

August 2017  Incentives

July 2017  Incentives & Tips

June 2017 Grants Available, A/C Tuneup, Water Quality Report Available

May 2017 Recycling Information, A/C Tuneup

April 2017 Moratorium Ends, Recycling Information

March 2017  Appliance Recycling, Important Dates

February 2017 Scholarship Information

January 2017 Rates and Information